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affiche Astérix chez les Bretons
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Astérix chez les Bretons


Un film de Pino Van Lamsweerde

Avec Roger Carel, Pierre Tornade, Pierre Mondy

Julius Caesar's legions have conquered all England, except for a tiny, remote village led by Zebigbosse. Asterix and Obelix come to their English friends' rescue with a barrel of magic potion. However, in a fit of weakness brought on by the bizarre food they have been served, Asterix and Obelix become careless and the barrel is stolen from them. Getting it back will be no picnic !
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affiche Astérix et la surprise de César
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Astérix et la surprise de César


Un film de Paul Brizzi, Gaëtan Brizzi

Avec Roger Carel, Pierre Tornade, Serge Sauvion

Obelix is madly in love with Falbala, Tragicomix's beautiful sweetheart. However the Romans kidnap the two love-birds with the intention of gifting them to Ceasar during his Triumphant March. In their determination to find the two lovers, Asterix, Obelix, and their faithful dog, Idefix, sign up with the Roman Legion and even rent themselves out as gladiators. Based on Goscinny and Uderzo's two comic books, "Asterix, the gladiator" and "Asterix, the legionnaire".
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affiche L'amant de poche
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L'amant de poche


Un film de Bernard Queysanne

Avec Mimsy Farmer, Pascal Sellier, Andréa Ferréol

Julien, a shy teenager, is rather awkward when it comes to girls. One night, almost in spite of himself, he becomes the lover of a wealthy American woman. The beautiful 25 years old shows him the good life. However Julien soon learns that she is a high-class call girl operating at an international level. He causes such a scandal that the young woman's professional reputation is threatened. A break-up is in the cards.
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affiche Le pacha
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Le pacha


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Jean Gabin, Dany Carrel, Jean Gaven

Chief Inspector Joss is terribly cut up by the death of his partner Gouvion, who was killed during a hold-up. To avenge his friend, he devises the perfect frame-up: he lets two gangs in on the same job and then sits back as they kill each other off. Once the French underworld is cleaned out, Joss can rest content and retire.
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affiche Ne nous fachons pas
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Ne nous fachons pas


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Lino Ventura, Jean Lefebvre, Mireille Darc

The ex-gangster, Antoine Berreto, has decided to lead a quiet, honest life. One day, two former accomplices, who were conned out of 40,000 francs, come to borrow the same amount from Antoine as he can easily get the money back from a certain Michalon. After settling the deal, Antoine goes to the thief's home in Nice and lands in the middle of gang war. The clash is dynamite!
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