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affiche Le grand escogriffe
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Le grand escogriffe


Un film de Claude Pinoteau

Avec Yves Montand, Agostina Belli, Claude Brasseur

Emile Morland writes scripts and dreams of making them come true. So he cooks up a plan to substitute one child for another. The aim is to get a 600,000 dollar ransom from a banker. Aristide and Amandine, a young actress, agree to help him. The exchange goes off well but the banker is so taken with the nice new baby that he refuses to take back his willful little son.
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Les caprices de Marie


Un film de Philippe de Broca

Avec Philippe Noiret, Marthe Keller, Bert Convy

Broderick MacPower, a recently divorced American multimillionaire, is looking for a new wife. He meets Marie at a beauty contest. She prefers Gabriel, the primary school teacher in her village, Angevine. However, she agrees to marry Broderick if her village follows her to the United States. On the other side of the Atlantic, boredom finally gets the better of Marie and the villagers.
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affiche Le mariage
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Le mariage


Un film de Antonio Petrucci

Avec Vittorio De Sica, Silvana Pampanini, Alberto Sordi

These short stories peer through the prism of marriage to take a look at affairs of the heart. A rich landowner asks a young woman to marry him, only to regret his decision. A die-hard bachelor falls in love with a widow. At a wedding party, a guest masquerades as a general.
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