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affiche Enfin veuve
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Enfin veuve
The merry widow


Un film de Isabelle Mergault

Avec Michèle Laroque, Jacques Gamblin, Wladimir Yordanoff

Anne-Marie has just lost her husband in a car crash. She is free at last to love the man she has been seeing in secret for the past two years! But she didn't expect her well-meaning family would stay on to help her through her grief. She now finds herself even more trapped than when she was married...
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affiche Le coup du parapluie
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Le coup du parapluie


Un film de Gérard Oury

Avec Pierre Richard, Gert Froebe, Valérie Mairesse

On his way to an audition for the part of a hitman, Grégoire blunders into the wrong room and signs a contract with the Mafia. The actor's mission: to kill a wealthy arm dealer with a poison tipped umbrella during a party at a St-Tropez hotel. Grégoire, convinced the "plot" is part of the film script, takes off to the Riviera completely unaware of the impending dangers.
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C'est pas moi c'est lui


Un film de Pierre Richard

Avec Pierre Richard, Aldo Maccione, Valérie Mairesse

Pierre writes for the movies but doesn't sign his screenplays. In other words, he's a " ghost writer " or, to be more exact, Georges Vallier's ghost writer, a very popular author of vaudeville. Pierre, whose wife is expecting a child, is thirsty for fame and in need of money. This is why he rebels.
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affiche Repérages
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Un film de Michel Soutter

Avec Jean-Louis Trintignant, Delphine Seyrig, Léa Massari

Victor, a film-maker preparing a film based on Chekhov's play "The Three Sisters", brings three actresses to a hotel on the banks of Lake Geneva: Julie, his ex-wife whom he hasn't seen for over ten years, Cecilia, an Italian actress hired by the producers, and the young and beautiful Esther. The three actresses learn to live and work together, Julie is not dealing well with seeing Victor again. The squabbling get worse until the death of a young actor makes the actresses want to start shooting the movie.
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affiche On aura tout vu
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On aura tout vu


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Pierre Richard, Miou-Miou, Jean-Pierre Marielle

François Perrin is a jobless director, reduced to shooting a pornographic film. As his wife cannot prevent him from taking the dirty job, she decides to shame him by asking for a part in the production. Her audition is quite a sight... A film that pokes gentle fun advice immoderate fad of the seventies that rated the first X's in film history.
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affiche L'agression
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Un film de Gérard Pirès

Avec Jean-Louis Trintignant, Catherine Deneuve, Claude Brasseur

While driving to their vacation resort, the Varlin family is assaulted by hoods on motorcycles. When Paul regains consciousness, he finds his wife and ten year old daughter murdered. As the police investigation is at a standstill, Paul decides to take the law into his own hands. With the help of his sister-in-law Sarah he sets a deadly trap for the punks.
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