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I comme Icare
I... for Icarus


Un film de Henri Verneuil

Avec Yves Montand, Michel Albertini, Roland Amstutz

Conspiracy thriller inspired by the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of JFK. After a fictional president is assassinated, a determined, tough prosecutor investigates the emerging conspiracy behind it.
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affiche Le grand escogriffe
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Le grand escogriffe


Un film de Claude Pinoteau

Avec Yves Montand, Agostina Belli, Claude Brasseur

Emile Morland writes scripts and dreams of making them come true. So he cooks up a plan to substitute one child for another. The aim is to get a 600,000 dollar ransom from a banker. Aristide and Amandine, a young actress, agree to help him. The exchange goes off well but the banker is so taken with the nice new baby that he refuses to take back his willful little son.
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affiche Tout va bien
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Tout va bien
Just Great


Un film de Jean-Luc Godard

Avec Yves Montand, Jane Fonda, Vittorio Caprioli

The film depicts a couple going through a crisis in a society in crisis : France, 1972. He is a disillusioned film-maker who has voluntary given up his work after 1968. She is the correspondent in France of an American radio network. Godard uses their love story to raise questions about society.
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affiche La folie des grandeurs
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La folie des grandeurs


Un film de Gérard Oury

Avec Louis de Funès, Yves Montand, Alice Sapritch

Don Salluste, a petty tyrant in his own home and minister of the King of Spain, falls from grace. Wanting revenge, he tries to compromize the Queen with his valet Blaze, introduced as his cousin. But poor Blaze gets stuck with a rather repulsive duenna, who is madly in love with him and very keen on getting her way. This wild comedy takes off at a dashing pace set by the De Funès, Montand and Sapritch trio.
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La guerre est finie
The War Is Over


Un film de Alain Resnais

Avec Yves Montand, Ingrid Thulin, Jean Dasté

Diego is an aging revolutionary unwilling to accept that the fight for freedom should be passed to younger hands. While on the run from government agents and police, Diego begins to reflect on the meaning of his life of violent, idealistic struggles and whether it might be better to simply retire and live in peace with his long-suffering wife. A chance encounter with a hot-headed student terrorist revives his militant passions... An emotionally charged suspense-drama set in France and on the streets of fascist Spain. Written by Jorge Semprun. One of Yves Montand's greatest roles. Introducing Genevieve Bujold. From the director of "Hiroshima mon amour" and "Same old song".
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affiche Marguerite de la nuit
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Marguerite de la nuit


Un film de Claude Autant-Lara

Avec Michèle Morgan, Yves Montand, Jean-François Calvé

In Paris during the Roaring Twenties, Mephisto introduces a cabaret singer to Doctor Faust. To win her love, Faust sells his soul to the devil in exchange for youth and beauty. In a jealous rage, he kills the young lady's former lover. Marguerite is determined to save the irrevocably damned Faust and signs a pact with the devil before leaving, alone, for an unknown destination.
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Les héros sont fatigués
Heroes and Sinners


Un film de Yves Ciampi

Avec Yves Montand, Maria Félix, Jean Servais

the African republic of Liberia becomes a stopping-off point for a number of shady characters... A former French pilot becomes involved in a sheme to smuggle stole, diamonds. His collaborators include a Nazi, a German refugee, and the white mistress of a prominent Liberian. Problems arise when the ex-pilot romances the mistress and one of the conspirators has a last-minute change of heart.
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