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affiche Le maestro
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Le maestro


Un film de Claude Vital

Avec Jean Lefebvre, Sophie Desmarets, Daniel Ceccaldi

Mrs Bourgeon has decided to marry her youngest daughter to Henri Kemper, a virtuoso pianist and former alcoholic. When he is invited to their villa in Annecy, he sees the woman he is still in love with, Gisèle, Mrs Bourgeon oldest daughter. His drinking problem started when he tried to forget her... and it was because he drank that Gisèle threw him off for Hubert, a wealthy man. The misunderstanding sparks off a riot of family tangles.
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affiche Quand passent les faisans
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Quand passent les faisans


Un film de Edouard Molinaro

Avec Paul Meurisse, Bernard Blier, Jean Lefebvre

Larsan Bellac, a high class con artist, hires two sleazy gangsters to help him with his next operation. Thanks to his brains and skill, the threesome rip off a wealthy public works contractor. But a rich widow falls in love with the smart con man, takes him to her castle and steals the loot. Bellac is so disgusted that he takes French leave just before the berserk contractor shows up and wreaks a grisly revenge.
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affiche Coplan prend des risques
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Coplan prend des risques


Un film de Maurice Labro

Avec Dominique Paturel, Virna Lisi, Jacques Ballutin

In a plant working for the defence department, an employee steals a prototype with the help of a Danish woman, who has quite a file at the Secret Service. Coplan makes it a personal matter when he takes on the investigation. He thwarts every plot and dismantles the spy ring.
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Le feu follet


Un film de Louis Malle

Avec Maurice Ronet, Lena Skeria, Yvonne Clech

After a rehab in Versailles, Alain Leroy feels deeply disgusted about life which no longer pleases him. Back from a trip with Lydia, a friend of his wife Dorothy who has left him, he decides to put an end to his life. But before, he wants to catch up with his former mates one last time.
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Zazie dans le métro


Un film de Louis Malle

Avec Catherine Demongeot, Philippe Noiret, Carla Marlier

In Paris, twelve-year-old Zazie gets off the train with her mother who asks Gabriel to take care of the young girl in order to spend the weekend with her lover. The little girl is fascinated with the idea of taking the subway but it is closed because of the ticket inspectors' strike. She goes through mad adventures and eccentric meetings.
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affiche Ce joli monde
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Ce joli monde


Un film de Carlo Rim

Avec Yves Deniaud, Micheline Dax, Darry Cowl

Gaston, a literature teacher, decides to go to Paris for his Christmas holiday. His object is to meet his father whom he believes to be a banker but who is actually the big boss of a gang. To impress his son, the father and his henchmen establish quarters in a castle and pretend to be businessmen. The terribly naive Gaston is taken in, but the plot thickens when a rival gang shows up.
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affiche Les hommes ne pensent qu'à ça
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Les hommes ne pensent qu'à ça
Men think only of that


Un film de Yves Robert

Avec Jean-Marie Amato, Jean Bellanger, Luisa Colpeyn

Alfred, a clumsy, bashful young man, doesn't dare tell a dairy-maid he loves her. Just then, a twentieth century Don Juan shows up to teach him all the tricks of the professional charmer's trade. In the course of testing his new-found skill, Alfred finds himself in the arms of a Countess. But the untimely arrival of her irate husband puts a stop to Alfred's training session and sparks off a crazy chase through the streets of Paris.
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