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affiche Nuit de décembre
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Nuit de décembre


Un film de Kurt Bernhardt

Avec Pierre Blanchar, Renée Saint-Cyr, Jean Tissier

After spending a night with a stranger who then vanishes, a famous pianist is left with her haunting memory. Twenty years later, he is stirred by Anne's beauty which reminds him of the long-gone magic night. When he asks the young woman to marry him, her adopted father tells the pianist that the young woman may very well be his daughter. In doubt, the pianist returns to a life devoid of love but filled with music.
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affiche Sans lendemain
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Sans lendemain
Without Tomorrow


Un film de Max Ophuls

Avec Edwige Feuillère, Georges Rigaud, Daniel Lecourtois

The vagaries of life have forced Evelyne, the mother of a small boy, to become a taxi-girl. She accidentally runs into a Canadian friend, George who has become a wealthy, well-respected man. As she loves George, she never tells him of her disgrace, and she is loved in return. Become George goes back to Canada, Evelyne leaves him her child, assuring him she'll soon be with them. However, believing she is not worthy of George, Evelyn commits suicide.
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affiche J'étais une aventurière
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J'étais une aventurière


Un film de Raymond Bernard

Avec Edwige Feuillère, Jean Murat, Jean-Max

With help from her two accomplices, Desormeaux and Paulo, Véra, a young ruined Russian countess has become a smalltime swindler. Their next mark is Glorin. But the tables are turned when Vera falls in love with the man she is trying to seduce. She abandons her associates and agrees to marry Glorin, without telling him about her past. The pair are happily married until the day Desormeaux and Paulo resurface. Vera now has to deal with her past at the risk of losing her happiness.
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