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affiche La belle de Cadix
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La belle de Cadix


Un film de Raymond Bernard

Avec Luis Mariano, Carmen Sevilla, Thérèse Dorny

During the preparation of a shoot in Spain, Maria Luisa, a gypsy in a nearby camp is hired to cue the leading actor, Carlos. During the shoot, a make-believe marriage is held but everyone thinks it's for real. After the scene, Carlos and Maria have a bitter spat that turns into mutual vows of undying love. Misunderstandings tear them asunder once again. But love vanquishes all and reunites the lovers.
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affiche Andalousie
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Un film de Robert Vernay

Avec Luis Mariano, Carmen Sevilla, Arlette Poirier

All the young women in Andalusia are in love with Juanito but Dolores is his heart's choice. After a lover's spat, Juanito goes off to America. When he returns home in the company of a Viennese singer, Juanito sees Dolores. She is sure he has left her for another, but they make up and true love wins the day.
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affiche Coeur de coq
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Coeur de coq


Un film de Maurice Cloche

Avec Fernandel, Mireille Perrey, Gisèle Alcée

Tulipe Barbaroux is madly in love with his boss's daughter whereas her father wants her to marry a man who can pull his printing works out of its financial morass. In despair, Tulipe tries to commit suicide but is saved in the nick of time by a heart transplant. However the doctor has given Tulipe a rooster's heart which turns the shy young man into an irresistible lady's man. It turns out to be a dream - but after hitting it big at the races, Tulipe can finally make the dream come true.
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affiche La symphonie fantastique
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La symphonie fantastique


Un film de Christian-Jaque

Avec Renée Saint-Cyr, Lise Delamare, Jean-Louis Barrault

In Paris, circa 1825 - Hector Berlioz drops out of medical school to study music. He composes the 'Symphonie Fantastique' for an actress called Harriett Smithson whom he loves madly. His stubborn devotion touches Harriet who marries him, and they have a son. But Berlioz's string of failures take their toll and his marriage falls apart. At last, he finds happiness with Marie, a retired singer who has always loved him, but she dies of a heart attack.
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Circonstances atténuantes
Extenuating Circumstances


Un film de Jean Boyer

Avec Michel Simon, Arletty, Andrex

A retired prosecutor, Le Sentencier, is unable to forget his former job. He leaves on a cure with his wife, but their car breaks down and they have to spend the night at a hotel. The establishment serves as the headquarters for a gang of two-bit criminals. Taken for one of their own, Le Sentencier organizes the gang's various thefts in his own manner, to convince them to give up their lives of crime and take honest jobs.
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affiche Les yeux noirs
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Les yeux noirs


Un film de Victor Tourjansky

Avec Harry Baur, Simone Simon, Jean-Max

In 1913, in Russia, a widower and also headwaiter in a restaurant that is actually a trysting place has managed to keep his job a secret from his daughter. A banker takes her to the restaurant in the hopes of seducing the young woman. Her father, who is well familiar with the customer's decadent lifestyle, immediately send his daughter home. The unhappy woman finds solace in the true love of her piano teacher.
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