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affiche La vie dissolue de Gerard Floque
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La vie dissolue de Gerard Floque


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Roland Giraud, Marie-Anne Chazel, Clémentine Célarié

Gérard Floque, an advertising designer, has got a barrel of troubles. During the very same week, he learns he has been hoodwinked by his boss, that his eldest daughter smokes grass and that his wife is unfaithful. He storms out of the agency and his home to start a new life. He is basking in the solidarity warmth of a vacation when his mother-in-law, his daughters, his wife and her lover show up. Game over, play again.
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affiche Twist again a Moscou
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Twist again a Moscou


Un film de Jean-Marie Poiré

Avec Philippe Noiret, Christian Clavier, Martin Lamotte

In Russia, a young dissident and his sweetheart, a famous rock n' roll singer are wanted by the K.G.B.. They ask Igor, a rich well-to-do who has been put in charge of a grand hotel in Moscow by the Party, for help and protection. Meanwhile, a finicky inspector has been charged with investigating the bizarre management of the establishment. A frenzy of bedlam and unintentional gags ensue, climaxing in mayhem.
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