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affiche Le journal tombe à cinq heures
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Le journal tombe à cinq heures


Un film de Georges Lacombe

Avec Pierre Fresnay, Marie Déa, Pierre Renoir

Helen is a cub reporter for a large evening newspaper. The editor-in-chief teams her up with Rabaud for a series of investigative news reports. By the time their job is over, the two young people have fallen in love.
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affiche Mollenard
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Un film de Robert Siodmak

Avec Harry Baur, Albert Préjean, Gabrielle Dorziat

Mollenard, a freighter captain and somewhat of a pirate is adored by his crew and hated by his wife. Her stuffy adherence to convention keeps driving him from home. The captain and crew are suspected of gun-running and brought back to Dunkerque. His wife locks him up at home, after he suffers a serious heart attack. But the captain's men spirit him away so that he can breath his last on the open sea.
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affiche La piste du Sud
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La piste du Sud


Un film de Pierre Billon

Avec Albert Préjean, Pierre Renoir, Jean-Louis Barrault

As Hélène is conveying her husband's body across the Sahara, her convoy is attacked by looters. The young widow survives only to be taken to a remote desert village called Tirzit amidst a band of lonely, ailing men. She meets her husband's partner who tries to kill her. Hélène does not report him to the police but is curious to learn the reasons for his action. Before dying of a terrible fever, the man confesses that he murdered her husband.
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affiche Les pirates du rail
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Les pirates du rail


Un film de Christian-Jaque

Avec Charles Vanel, Simone Renant, Suzy Prim

The railway crossing a French land grant in southern China is attacked by looters. Henri, a French engineer, travels to find Wang, the marauding leader. Meanwhile, the Europeans and Chinese are fighting in the capital. Pierre learns of his wife Marie's arrest while he is negotiating an end to the looting with Wang. The engineer's resolve will lead to Wang's surrender and his wife's release.
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