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affiche Un idiot à Paris
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Un idiot à Paris
Idiot in Paris


Un film de Serge Korber

Avec Dany Carrel, Jean Lefebvre, Bernard Blier

Goubi, an artless fellow, lives in a village in the Allier and dreams of seeing Paris. A mean joke lands him in a truck which dumps him in the capital in the middle of the night. Lost in the city streets, he innocently takes up with a prostitute called La Fleur and gets hauled off to the Latin Quarter by a student. Arrested for desorder, Goubi meets La Fleur at the police station and a great love is born. Based on René Fallet's novel.
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affiche Horace 62
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Horace 62


Un film de André Versini

Avec Charles Aznavour, Raymond Pellegrin, Giovanna Ralli

The Fabiani's and Colonna's, two Corsican families, have been killing one another for ages. The 'Parisian Corsicans' decide to put an end to the vendetta by ordering a duel between the eldest sons of each family. Horace, Fabiani's second son and pacifist at heart, protests the arrangement. His sister Camille lives with a Colonna. Nevertheless, the duel takes place. The Fabiani brothers are close so together they fight the Colonna brothers. When the dawn rises at the close of a gory chase, Horace is alone with the only other survivor, Camille's husband Noël Colonna.
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affiche L'amour d'une femme
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L'amour d'une femme


Un film de Jean Grémillon

Avec Micheline Presle, Massimo Girotti, Gaby Morlay

Marie goes to Ouessant island to replace an old physician. The young doctor's skills and dedication are such that she earns the locals' acceptance. Andre, an engineer temporarily living in the area, asks her to marry him. If Marie agrees to follow the man she loves, she will have to give up her job. Despite her initial reluctance, she finally consents. However, realizing that he cannot drag her away from her calling, Andre leaves the island without a word.
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