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affiche Un idiot à Paris
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Un idiot à Paris
Idiot in Paris


Un film de Serge Korber

Avec Dany Carrel, Jean Lefebvre, Bernard Blier

Goubi, an artless fellow, lives in a village in the Allier and dreams of seeing Paris. A mean joke lands him in a truck which dumps him in the capital in the middle of the night. Lost in the city streets, he innocently takes up with a prostitute called La Fleur and gets hauled off to the Latin Quarter by a student. Arrested for desorder, Goubi meets La Fleur at the police station and a great love is born. Based on René Fallet's novel.
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affiche Trois enfants dans le desordre
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Trois enfants dans le desordre


Un film de Léo Joannon

Avec Bourvil, Jean Lefebvre, Rosy Varte

Framed by his competitors, Eugène Laporte, an honest public works contractor, is arrested. Charged with high treason, he not only risks prison but also repossession of his property because he is a bachelor. To save his estate, the only thing left for him to do is to legally acknowledge three children. Fernand, a friend finds two boys and a girl for the purpose, but the two poor men have no idea of what let themselves in for.
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affiche Les abysses
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Les abysses
Les abysses


Un film de Nico Papatakis

Avec Francine Bergé, Colette Bergé, Pascale de Boysson

Two young sisters work for Mr. and Mrs. Lapeyre, a couple of wine-growers on the brink of bankruptcy. Since their servants' wages haven't been paid for three years, the girls take their revenge by wreaking havoc in a million different ways in the Lapeyre household. Tragedy looms within the stifling confines of the house. The arrival of prospective buyers for the house triggers the sisters' murderous spree.
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affiche Tant d'amour perdu
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Tant d'amour perdu


Un film de Léo Joannon

Avec Pierre Fresnay, Franca Bettoja, Anne Doat

Since becoming a widower, Andrieu, a big businessman, has devoted his life and love to his two daughters, Christine and Annie. He spends his time and money satisfying their every whim, with only their happiness in mind. However their bitter reproaches are his only rewards. Andrieu, depressed by the unfairness of it all, lives to never see them again. Freely adapted from Honoré de Balzac's novel, "le père Goriot".
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