Amour sur place ou à emporter


Amelle and Noom are thirtyish and total opposites. But fate brings them together. SHE is serious and dynamic, a manager at Starbucks. HE, a clever dilettante, is a budding stand-up comic. Both have just gone through bad love affairs and have sworn 'never again'... But what is to be done when opposites attract? They flirt, to our great amusement. But things are far from idyllic. Family, friends and colleagues get involved. There are quarrels, break-ups... and then things really begin to go crazy. Caught between their polite upbringings and the intensity of their feelings, what can they do? Will love win out in the end? One thing we can be sure of: great laughs and heart-wrenching emotion...

Release year : 2014
Runtime : 87 mn
By : Amelle Chahbi
With : Amelle Chahbi, Noom Diawara, Aude Pépin


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