The story takes place in the near future. The world order has changed. There are still rich countries and poor countries, but with 10 million unemployed, France now numbers among the poor. The population, oscillating between revolt and resignation, finds an outlet in ultra-violent televised fights inwhich the fighters are legally doped and no punches barred. Reda, known as Ares, is a veteran fighter who lives from expedients between second-rate fights and his odd jobs as a police strongman. It's been a while since he's won a match when his coach proposes he tries an experimental drug that could make him win his upcoming fights. Ares declines. It's not at over forty, when he's reaching retirement, that he's going to play guinea pig in the ring.That, however, is without factoring in his sister, who works for an anti-government website. She's been arrested for possession of firearms and she risksup to ten years in prison. His sister's colleagues cry conspiracy and want to fight it through legal channels. But Ares knows that's not the way things work. In a corrupt world, the law and human rights are of little value.

Release year : 2015
Runtime : 80 mn
By : Jean-Patrick Benès
With : Ola Rapace, Micha Lescot, Thierry Hancisse

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