Ce que Pauline ne vous dit pas


A man dies after falling from a scaffolding. Everything points to Pauline, his ex-wife, who made a clumsy call to the emergency services and way too late... What happened?Upon the ensuing investigation, when facing the authorities and the legal machine, Pauline chooses to remain silent while everyone begins to suspect her... including the skilled Police investigator on the case and the new examining magistrate who quickly identifie a motive and will stick to it. But did Pauline do it?A heart-wrenching psychological drama and a gripping crime investigation telling the deep and difficult struggle for a woman under influence to rebuild herself. A powerful series whose sharp dialogues create a clever and subtle suspense that rises in power over the episodes.

Production year : 2020
Runtime : 52 mn
By : Antoine Lacomblez , Julien Capron
With : Ophélia Kolb, Grace Seri, Sylvie Testud

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