L'homme aux cercles bleus


"Victor, hex on you, what are you doing outdoors?". For the past four months, this sentence has been appearing overnight alongside circles drawn in chalk on the sidewalks of Paris. In the middle of these circles are strange objects: a trombone, a candle, a pair of tweezers, a pigeon's foot, and so on. The press loves the mystery, and some psychiatrists start to speculate on whether it's the work of a maniac or simply a prankster. But Commissaire Adamsberg is not laughing. These circles and their strange contents are a bad sign. He knows, he can feel it.

Production year : 2009
Runtime : 90 mn
By : Josée Dayan
With : Jean-Hugues Anglade, Charlotte Rampling, Jacques Spiesser

Full casting


Author of the pre-existing oeuvre



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