La loi de Murphy


In a few hours, Elias will complete his two-year conditional sentence, during which he has been working as an ER nurse. What was supposed to be a great evening turns into a disaster when one of his former accomplices, Rudy, shows up in his service after being in a car accident. He had been running from the fearsome Ortega brothers, having had the extremely bad idea of stealing their haul after a big job at a diamond merchant's. Quickly realizing that the stolen diamonds are hidden in his hospital, Elias has one night to be the first to find them and save his friend's life. In a hospital teeming with police and evil gangsters, he's going to have to be extremely clever.

Release year : 2009
Runtime : 94 mn
By : Christophe Campos
With : Pio Marmaï, Omar Sy, Jean-Michel Noirey


Full casting


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