Les ombres de Lisieux


In the Carmel of Lisieux chapel, tourists admire the recently restored statue of Saint Thérèse on her deathbed, when suddenly the statue's wax coating falls apart and reveals the dead body of Esther Sanda, the artist in charge of the restoration. Police commander Thomas Renaud will be investigating this strange murder and he will have to team up with the last person he expected to work with: Sister Angèle, a nun at the Carmel of Lisieux. They are polar opposites, one driven by skepticism, the other by faith, but together they will have to search for the mystery' solution in the life and works of Saint Thérèse, a subject the murderer seems to be an expert on...

Production year : 2017
Runtime : 90 mn
By : Nicolas Guicheteau
With : Marie-Anne Chazel

Full casting




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