Nona et ses filles


Nona is 70. She is a strong and committed woman who lives in Paris and has raised her triplet daughters alone. She is having a secret love affair with André. And it turns out she is pregnant! This news is quite a surprise, especially since André is not the father. Then, who is?Nona's daughters decide to move back into the family apartment to support their mother and unveil this mystery - all while trying to navigate their own hectic lives. Between Gaby the sex therapist who falls for Nona's male midwife, George the dreamer and forever student, and Manu the mother of a large family who starts to question her marriage... the pregnancy will turn everyone's lives upside down, in many ways...`Nona and her daughters' is a marvelous tale, full of poetry and tenderness, which draws the crossed portraits of a mother and her full-of-life daughters, presenting also a beautiful gallery of kind and gentle men - composing a wonderful and terribly endearing family. A comical, sometimes fantastic and tinted with nostalgia, way of exploring new family forms.

Production year : 2021
By : Valérie Donzelli
With : Miou-Miou, Virginie Ledoyen, Valérie Donzelli

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