Charlie, caught in the whirlwind of her 17 years. A whirlwind of friends, emotions, convictions... Passions too. A teenager almost like any other, no longer a child, far from an adult. Talented and pretty, yet prey to doubts and disappointments. To solitude. Then Sarah comes along. The new girl. Beautiful, brazen. A real personality. An instant star. In class, at parties, with girls and guys. Even for parents, she is a breath of fresh air... Sarah chooses Charlie. And Charlie gets into it. Charlie laughs. Charlie is full of life. Intensely. Irreparably. Sarah quickly has her fill. She is the type to throw away her cold, damaged leftovers... and pick herself another friend, another victim.Charlie feels lost. It's only normal. Charlie is wounded. And it will be fatal.

Release year : 2014
Runtime : 92 mn
By : Mélanie Laurent
With : Joséphine Japy, Lou de Laâge, Isabelle Carré

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