Retour ā Montauk


In every life there is one love that will never be forgotten, however hard you may try. Author Max Zorn (Stellan Skarsgård) arrives in New York to promote a new novel. His young wife Clara (Susanne Wolff) arrived a few months earlier to help with the book's release in the United States. In the novel, Max talks about the demise of a passionate love affair in this same city 17 years ago. He runs into Rebecca (Nina Hoss), the woman in question, almost by chance. They decide to spend one more weekend together in Montauk, a small fishing village at the end of Long Island. They return there full of hope and regrets.

Release year : 2017
Runtime : 107 mn
By : Volker Schlöndorff
With : Stellan Skarsgard, Nina Hoss, Susanne Wolff


Full casting


Author of the pre-existing oeuvre


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