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affiche #JeSuisLà
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Un film de Eric Lartigau

Avec Alain Chabat

Stéphane leads a peaceful life in Basque Country with his two adult sons, his ex-wife and his restaurant, where he is the chef. He finds the little thrill that everyone dreams of on social media, where he exchanges daily messages with Soo, a young South Korean woman. On a whim, he decides to fly to Korea to meet her. As soon as he arrives at the Seoul airport, a new world opens up for him...
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affiche Un ticket pour l'espace
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Un ticket pour l'espace
A ticket to outer space


Un film de Eric Lartigau

Avec Kad, Olivier, Marina Fois

Confronted with popular discontent over the vast sums invested in space research, the French government launches a major public relations campaign. A lottery is organized in partnership with the French space center. "A Ticket to Outer Space", an instant lottery card, will give two civilians the chance to stay in the European space station in the company of a professional crew. The operation is a huge success. Everything goes perfectly, until one of the winners takes the space station hostage ...
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affiche Mais qui a tué Pamela Rose ?
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Mais qui a tué Pamela Rose ?
Bullit and Ripper


Un film de Eric Lartigau

Avec Kad, Olivier, Gérard Darmon

Bullit and Ripper work for the FBI. Field agent Bullit is an aficionado of unconventional methods while Ripper is a conscientious instructor. They team up to investigate the murder of a stripper called Pamela Rose whose body has been found in a motel room in Bornsville, a small US town. The two bumbling agents soon find themselves up against unfriendly locals. Who killed Pamela Rose? One sure thing is that whoever did it is a murderer.
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