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affiche Les malheurs d'Alfred
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Les malheurs d'Alfred


Un film de Pierre Richard

Avec Pierre Richard, Anny Duperey, Pierre Mondy

Alfred, a young architect, was born under an unlucky star, all his undertakings fail miserably. Until the day he becomes a contestant on a TV game show and his luck turns, bringing him a succession of untimely victories.
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affiche Le cri du cormoran le soir au-dessus des jonques
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Le cri du cormoran le soir au-dessus des jonques


Un film de Michel Audiard

Avec Michel Serrault, Bernard Blier, Paul Meurisse

Alfred is asked to play dead by a criminal gang, headed by a certain Mister K., so they can use his corpse to smuggle diamonds into Istanbul. Alfred refuses to go along the plan and escapes Mr. K.'s gang only to be captured by the bandit Kruger who wants to get his hands on the jacket with the hidden diamonds. Alfred is just a plaything kidnapped first by one gang and then by the other in a merry-go-round of lost and found. The police eventually get wind of what is going on and save Alfred.
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affiche Elle boit pas, elle fume pas, elle drague pas mais elle cause
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Elle boit pas, elle fume pas, elle drague pas mais elle cause


Un film de Michel Audiard

Avec Annie Girardot, Bernard Blier, Mireille Darc

Georgette's job as a cleaning woman has enabled her to ferret out the secrets of her three employers. She knows that Lethouard is overly fond of the ladies, that he steals and will even commit murder on occasion. Georgette has found out that Francine used to take part in orgies when she was underage, that Cibergue, the director of the church club is a vaudeville drag queen. But Georgette talks nineteen to the dozen and unwittingly sparks off a wave of blackmail between the three characters.
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affiche Faut pas prendre les enfants du bon dieu pour des canards sauvages
© Copyright Gaumont

Faut pas prendre les enfants du bon dieu pour des canards sauvages


Un film de Michel Audiard

Avec Françoise Rosay, Marlène Jobert, Bernard Blier

Rita artfully uses her wiles to get money from men without chaining herself down. However, after a brilliant hold-up, Charles withholds her share. Rita stomps off to get help from her aunt, Lead Belly Léontine, a former underworld hellcat. A bizarre gold chase ensues with a swindler's free for all in a game entirely cooked up by Michel Audiard.
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affiche Un idiot à Paris
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Un idiot à Paris
Idiot in Paris


Un film de Serge Korber

Avec Dany Carrel, Jean Lefebvre, Bernard Blier

Goubi, an artless fellow, lives in a village in the Allier and dreams of seeing Paris. A mean joke lands him in a truck which dumps him in the capital in the middle of the night. Lost in the city streets, he innocently takes up with a prostitute called La Fleur and gets hauled off to the Latin Quarter by a student. Arrested for desorder, Goubi meets La Fleur at the police station and a great love is born. Based on René Fallet's novel.
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affiche Roger la Honte
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Roger la Honte


Un film de Riccardo Freda

Avec Georges Geret, Irène Papas, Jean Topart

In America after the 1870 War, Roger Laroque is husband and father of a little girl. His mistress Julia is a passionate woman. Accused of murdering one of his creditors, he cannot prove his innocence without revealing his affair and so, remains silent. He is sentenced but manages to escape. Fifteen years later he is back in France and looking for the real murderer. He finds the man, who turns out to be a spy Roger unmasked during the war. The accusation against Roger was the work of the operative's revenge.
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affiche Les deux orphelines
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Les deux orphelines


Un film de Riccardo Freda

Avec Sophie Darès, Valéria Ciangottini, Mike Marshall

Two orphans go to Paris. Upon their arrival, the young girls are suddenly separated. Henriette is saved from kidnapping by a young knight, Roger de Vaudrey. A beggar, La Frochard, gets her claws on Louise, who is blind, and puts her to work. With the help of Roger, Henriette sets out to find her sister. They have to overcome the objections of Roger's uncle, shake off police harassment, and foil Frochard's plots before reaching their goal.
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affiche Oh que mambo
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Oh que mambo


Un film de John Berry

Avec Dario Moreno, Magali Noël, Jean Poiret

After his wife deserts him, Miguel, a lowly bank clerk, treats himself to a consolation dinner at a restaurant. He has one too many, spends his month's wages, and starts to sing and dance. His antics attract the attention of some Music Hall producers, who immediately sign him up. Miguel is on his way to fame and fortune little suspecting that trouble is around the corner. Two bumbling policemen suspect him of being an accomplice in a holdup. Happily, the real robber is caught and Miguel wins back his wife's love.
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La Bigorne, caporal de France
Amorous Corporal


Un film de Robert Darène

Avec François Périer, Rossana Podesta, Robert Hirsch

The adventures of La Bigorne, corporal of France (and of his three sidekicks, Boisrose, Potirond and Balluché), who is washed up on an island, meets beautiful Bethi, the daughter of the king of the island, and who has to fight Tom Wright, the leader of the pirates, and finally offers the island to Louis XV, after having taken Bethi to wife.
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affiche Les femmes sont folles
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Les femmes sont folles


Un film de Gilles Grangier

Avec Raymond Rouleau, Gaby Sylvia, Robert Arnoux

Gaston hires Claude, an actor, to go to his castle and pose as the faceless novelist Gaston's wife has fallen madly in love with. Claude does his best to seem uncouth and vulgar and plays the abominable boor. But the plot just makes him all the more appealing to Marguerite while his fraud leads yet other victims astray...
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affiche Cartouche
© Copyright Gaumont



Un film de Guillaume Radot

Avec Roger Pigaut, Renée Devillers, Jean Carmet

Louis-Dominique Bourguignon alias Cartouche, the Prince of Thieves and Outlaws, is wanted by the Regent's police. He tries to go straight. But he returns to his daring exploits after his cousin Henriette spurns him for the Duke de Maine. Just before being arrested, Cartouche foils the Duke's plot to overthrow the Regent who thanks Cartouche by arranging his escape.
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affiche Les mémoires de la vache Yolande
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Les mémoires de la vache Yolande


Un film de Ernst Neubach

Avec Armand Bernard, Jean Carmet, Suzy Carrier

Hercule, an acting teacher, and Yolande the cow meet at a studio where they are both movie extras. The animal follows Hercule and they become fast friends. Yolande makes the headlines and leads an eventful life. Sadly, the cow does not escape her fate. But as she was a gentle, affectionate animal, she goes to 'animal heaven'.
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affiche Les démons de l'aube
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Les démons de l'aube


Un film de Yves Allégret

Avec Georges Marchal, Simone Signoret, Fernand-René

The commandos of the 1st French Army are in training somewhere in Africa. A former resistant one of Lieutenant Claude's men, openly expresses his contempt for the officer. But after Claude proves his courage during a dangerous mission, the two men begin to share a mutual esteem. In Provence, the long expected D-Day is at hand.
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affiche François Villon
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François Villon


Un film de André Zwobada

Avec Serge Reggiani, Renée Faure, Michel Vitold

A very free adaptation of the life of François Villon. The famous French poet is both a young master delighting Paris students and an accomplice of a gang of thieves and assassins. He is every ready for romantic or bloody adventures and has but few morals. However, a sudden virtuous action brings about his downfall.
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