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affiche Bebert et l'omnibus
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Bebert et l'omnibus


Un film de Yves Robert

Avec Martin Lartigue, Jacques Higelin, Jean Richard

Bebert is a holy terror. One day, his older brother Tieno thinks he can go chasing after girls, but Bebert wants to buy fireworks. Tieno then decides to shake off Bebert by leaving him in a corner of the store. As the family hurries back home, Tiennot is left behind with the mission of finding the lost child and going home "on the last train without fail".
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affiche Les tontons flingueurs
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Les tontons flingueurs


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Lino Ventura, Bernard Blier, Francis Blanche

On his deathbed, "The Mexican" makes his childhood friend promise to watch over his property and his daughter Patricia. Fernand Naudin is surprised to find he has become the big boss of a shady operation, which the other bosses want to get their hands on. But, flanked with a bizarre notary and a body guard, Fernand shows them who is boss from the out set. However beautiful Patricia also has some tricks up her sleeve!
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affiche Le dos au mur
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Le dos au mur


Un film de Edouard Molinaro

Avec Jeanne Moreau, Gérard Oury, Philippe Nicaud

Jacques Decret, a wealthy industrialist, finds out that Gloria, his wife, is cheating on him with a young actor. In revenge, he harasses her with poison pen letters and manages to convince Gloria of her lover's guilt. The overwrought woman accidentally kills the young man and Jacques entombs the corpse in a wall under construction, the case is closed. One night, however, Gloria perceives her spouse's web of deceit.
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La Bigorne, caporal de France
Amorous Corporal


Un film de Robert Darène

Avec François Périer, Rossana Podesta, Robert Hirsch

The adventures of La Bigorne, corporal of France (and of his three sidekicks, Boisrose, Potirond and Balluché), who is washed up on an island, meets beautiful Bethi, the daughter of the king of the island, and who has to fight Tom Wright, the leader of the pirates, and finally offers the island to Louis XV, after having taken Bethi to wife.
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